The Ring I Made for Judy

The day after we were engaged I made Judy her ring.

I had an idea to use an old Titanium mountain bike spoke from one of my old wheels. I knew the wheel was at my vacant storage unit of a house that I have here in Pittsburgh. I had to change out some locks anyhow, so I made a trip to the house. I started working on the door locks, setting my tools down on a speaker beside me. I almost set the tools on one of the Titanium spokes. I knew I had to make the ring, but do not remember leaving the spoke there.

The ring turned out great, and was actually very easy to make. I had the whole process figured out in my head before I began. The material appears flat when you first look, but there is a very subtle tapering on both sides. One of my favorite parts about the ring is it’s functional. Judy uses it to clean under her fingernails, funny to see. I have a few things I’ve made from old mountain bike parts, but this one takes the wedding cake. I rode this old spoke on a Sun Ringle’ rear mountain bike wheel for many years and now it’s on my beautiful Bride to be’s finger.

One thought on “The Ring I Made for Judy

  1. I was shocked when he showed up with the ring.

    I thought it was so wonderful he made it himself, and it was even a bigger surprise to find out the atomic number of Ti is 22. 11 + 11 ! 🙂

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