1/1/11 Wedding Plans

Adam and I are super stoked for 1/1/11

We had planned on getting married 11/11/11, but as my future brother-in-law pointed out, that is a Friday, and the first day of repeated 1’s is 1/1/11 AND a Saturday.  My girlfriend Joanna is getting married on 11/11/11 too, so this way I can see her get married. Why the fascination with 1’s?  See Why Adam and I like 1’s

A Winter Wedding was never something I considered, and I admit I was not as excited at first. A friend had asked if we were going to miss the Polar Bear plunge. Well, that question prompted a quick decision to adopt the icy jump – we have decided to embrace it and make it part of the ceremony.

We had wanted something non-traditional and considered going off in the woods with a Quaker’s license – but instead we will exchange vows and then jump into our future together by taking the plunge into the Mon river on New Year’s Day.  Guess we will have cold feet that day!

My sister is going to video tape this, and we plan to have a live stream on this website.

We expect to possibly make it onto the local news, and who knows, maybe we will make even make the evening news highlight reel.

So, any ideas on how to prep for a zany winter wedding?

One thought on “1/1/11 Wedding Plans

  1. judy adams, all my compliment to you, i’m real excited to see you and to be part of your special “day”: 1+1=11 🙂
    i just want to say thanks and above all, that i’m glad and proud to have so specials friends like you.

    one love.

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