Judy’s Point of View

Once I made a list of all the things that I wanted in a partner.  Adam meets every item on that list.

I really feel like Adam and I are connected on some deeper metaphysical level. Finding out he sees 1:11 a lot, and I see 11:11 is only part of this. We see the world in a similar way.  I like to think of myself as a patient and open-minded person, but Adam is so much more peaceful. At times I find myself thinking WWAD – What Would Adam Do?

Adam is into extreme sports – he enjoys skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, and one thing I really appreciate – seeking out new adventures. We may try paragliding later this year.  He is a good teacher.  He has made me a better motorcyclist, snowboarder, biker, and skateboarder, although it may be awhile before I try that again!

One of the only negatives I can say about Adam is that he doesn’t like chocolate. Well, its not a negative its just a bit weird.   He has this in common with his mom and niece, and they along with the rest of his family are great – so who cares? As Adam says – more chocolate for me.

Adam is amazingly intelligent.  He is a great chef. He is mechanically minded – fixes things, cars, power cords, and even me.

If I am ever in a bad mood, he is able to diffuse it very fast.  One thing he said in the beginning as we were enjoying spending time with each other – is lets keep spoiling each other. I can be down with that.

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