Adam’s Point of View

“I can be down with that” was my response to Judy asking me to marry her…yes her asking me.  Some of her friends thought I’d be offended by this, why I do not know. I’m very happy and proud to have a partner with the inner strength to go against the grain and do what they feel is right. Untraditional ideas are something we both enjoy and this is nothing but a positive for me. I love it.

Judy had been thinking about asking me at Burning Man this year, if I didn’t do it by then. She attended the festival in 2003 & 2008, I  have never made it out. We are going this year. The idea had popped into my head on a few occasions, but I never acted on the thoughts. Judy kept getting signs and references to marriage that would make her giggle, or sometimes laugh until she cried. I would ask her what was so funny, or what was wrong. Time and time again she would reply, “I can’t tell you.” This is very unlike any situation with Judy & I, if there is something wrong we talk about it. I finally convinced her to reveal this mysterious subject to me after I had to take over driving, because she could not see through her laughing-tears. Later that evening she asked, and I replied, “I can be down with that.”

I feel very lucky to have Judy as my fiancee. We dated back in 2005 and I broke up with her. After spending quite a bit of time focusing on myself and pinpointing what I was looking for in a relationship, I kept coming back to Judy as my perfect partner. I may not have had a hard-copy list, but she fulfilled all my requirements. Since we’ve gotten back together last September 1st, Judy’s date, but I consider it to be August, we have been almost inseparable.

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