Our Polar Bear Plunge Wedding

It was interesting to see how a little bit of social media strategy and a goal to just get it onto the local news turned into what some have called “the most publicized non-celebrity wedding”.

We really enjoyed our wedding. Originally we planned to hike alone in the woods on 11/11/11, but our dear friends chose that date. When our brother-in-law suggested we could satisfy our quest for 1’s – earlier – by celebrating on 1/1/11 we were told by friends, “…but you will miss the Polar Bear Plunge.” Well, we didn’t!

The media didn’t quite get things right, so to clarify…in Pennsylvania you can get a self-uniting marriage license requiring only two witnesses. Our mother’s were our official witnesses, and as we planned, the last picture on this page shows the exact moment we were married. Make sure you look how thrilled I was!

Here is a brief listing of some coverage we received…

We were honored to hear our names, pronounced CORRECTLY by Steve Inskeep on NPR.

Most publicized non-celebrity weddingMentioned during the SNL news segment (adult in nature)

KDKA (with video):

Live stream recording: (jump near minute 33)


YouTube Video from WTAE. They interviewed us which was nice. A little misinfo, those were not our bridesmaids – but we did have about 40 friends that jumped! The kilt at the end was for authentic!


Tribune Review:



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