30 Days left – STRESS! :)

It’s almost here!
Things are actually falling into place!

Invitations have been sent. That was a nightmare, and super big kudos to Laurie, my future sister-in-law Michelle and brother-in-law Werner for helping Adam and me get them out – and for interpreting my stressed out gibberish talk. “Paper containers = Enveleopes” by the way!

My biggest fear is that I missed someone who is interested in attending. We have switched to a venue that accommodates a nice size crowd, so if your invitation doesn’t reach you by early next week: it got lost, I messed up the mail merge on my Mac (OHMYGOSH- I love my Mac, but there is no such thing as an easy mail merge), or I just overlooked something – sorry Mom, you ARE invited! – then send me a note. We just need to know so we can plan for the food. Adam is planning the menu – and his fellow chef friends are serving his amazing food on the wedding day. I am super stoked. 🙂

WE GOT A BOAT!!! 🙂 It only fits 49 people – so first priority to family and those jumping in with us!!!

One thought on “30 Days left – STRESS! :)

  1. Almost here cant waite what a way to start the NEW YEAR Its going to be sooooooooooooooooooo WONDERFUL Im HAPPY for you BOTH and the BEST is yet tooooooooooooo come Lucy& Mom

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