Countdown to 1.1.22

So this site was not very active, though there are some things that are definitely planned for 2022.

To kick things off, ITS BEEN ELEVEN YEARS!

Adam Lipinski and I celebrate 11 years of marriage on Jan 1st!!!!


We invite those who are so inclined to join us in creating something.

Some of you may be familiar with a form of art that I (Judy) like to create.
Bringing together various images, videos and voices to create ONE.

We are inviting you to send us notes, pictures and videos that will be edited together (as a surprise for us), along with the secret videos we are making for each other.

If you already are looking how to upload your message to us – click here. Ask of us if you need the password. (you might be able to guess…)

Otherwise read on, there will be another link below.

Our wedding song is One Love.

One thing that we would love is to have video of you singing the song.
We will then have different people singing different parts of the song put into the one video.

So you could play the song below (at low volume) on one computer or phone and then record you singing to it with a another device. (webcam or phone)

YouTube player

It is password protected so we dont get spammed. Write if you do not have the password yet.

Then you can upload your video here. Ask of us if you need the password. (you might be able to guess…)

Hopefully you can take the time to record a message or even write up a memory(or 11 !!!!).

We hope it is something we can look back on at our 22 year anniversary. 33rd. 44th??? 🙂

Damn. So much has changed!

Highs and lows, learning and growing, Cody, surgeries, cancer, new friends, relatives and friends no longer with us.

I was updating the website for this project – and see messages sent from both a friend who passed from Covid and my sister who passed 4 years ago.

Let’s not let more time slip away.
May you find ways to enjoy every day, hug your loved ones, practice forgiveness and gratitude, live each day to the fullest, set healthy boundaries and make room for more joy in your lives.

Looking forward to reconnect with you in 2022, even if it is Zoom or phone calls. Or Marco Polo – that has been fun! 🙂

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